Train the trainer

Training the necessary skills might work better in the form of coaching.

Here I want to refer to those potential cases when somebody wants to establish a Training & Coaching enterprise and employs some trainers whom he intends to give some further training and coaching.

While it is possible to learn trainer’s skills and competencies, it must be understood that learning itself only gives you a base to start with.  You can start working and making use of these learned skills with lots of help and co-facilitation. “Practice makes perfect” is a saying that is especially relevant in this profession.

Becoming an efficient trainer means a constant learning process! The more experienced you get the better trainer you will be provided you never stop being ready to learn and change. When people talk about “lifelong learning” they must mean us, trainers.

We are not born trainers, experience and time will help us become highly appreciated, competent and efficient “teachers”.

The best trainers have their own field experience as well in the profession they train, e.g. sales, marketing, leadership, etc), which makes them more authentic and reliable sources of information for the audience.

Some essential skills/competences that are of absolute necessity (listing them all would take too long):

  1. Needs assessment
  2. Developing workshop agenda, structure, content, interactions, etc.
  3. Proper communications with diverse audience
  4. Effective feedback sessions
  5. Diverse interactions

A workshop for teams or coaching the individual willing to improve trainer’s skills and competencies.