Should you come from any kind of business, if you hear the word “coaching”, most of you will know what it really means.

In the world of business COACHING is usually not translated into other languages, most probably because there are no proper words that express exactly what “coaching” means in our context.

So, what does COACHING really mean?

The coach is a personal trainer, adviser or helper generally — but not only — for managers. 

They work on a one-to-one basis, with an agenda that is worked out in details before they first meet.
Coaching is a tailored learning process specified by well explored individual needs.
The coach is a kind of helping business friend for the manager and their contact is trust based.
The coach and the “learner” see each other at regular coaching meetings spent
according to a well structured coaching agenda.  (The agenda itself is built on the findings of the needs assessment.)

The coach helps the client to have certain things done MORE, BETTER and DIFFERENT WAYS. (or STOP doing)

It would be much too long to list all the items on my coaching portfolio so, to cut it short, I would rather say:

I am a master coach in each and every skill and knowledge that I teach in any of my training programs.

The list is even longer if you consider a forty-year-long working experience!