Business English Communication

If you posses any kind of state English language exam you will surely get along well in a day to day communication, situations.  (provided you had good teachers)  smiley

Then you succeed to join a company where you must communicate in English in every possible way. (run meetings, give presentations, lead conference calls, be effective in written communication, manage objections in a proper way,  etc.)

Well, soon you will see this is not that easy but one can learn it through coaching and of course exercising.

Effective communication is essential; it can be a real differential advantage.

Coaching is probably the best way to improve your business English that can involve various ways of learning, e.g. emailing, phone calling, Skype conversations, etc.

When I first joined and English or American company, nobody asked me if I had had passed the state English exam,  – I did by the way  – since the only thing that was important for them wether they can communicate with me or not! 

And this has not changed ever since!