How do I work

Human beings are not identical. Why should their needs be?

For this simple reason the workshops I have on my portfolio offer have a kind of “FRAME CONTENT”,  e.g. selling, marketing, leadership, communication, etc. (see list of workshops)

The final stage of each workshop is always developed according to the customers’ specific needs explored. 

In other words, I do not work with so-called ” off the shelf” or “off the production line”  materials, which provide the same for all.

When exploring the customer’s needs for the requested workshop I like asking the following question: “What would you like your people to do MORE , BETTER and DIFFERENT after the training?”

The longer list they come up with as an answer, the better I can tailor the workshop to their specific needs.

An other important success factor of the workshops is that they are very interactive with great number of exercises, case studies and interactions. All these aim to make the participants understand the subject better, and use them right after the workshop.

They give them the opportunity to practice the cases taken from their own company situation, which makes them able to use their experiences and freshly acquired skills right after the workshop.

My knowledge in these various subjects has been gained from my studies at a number of international schools and workshops, the literature of the field  and of course through  several decades of varied experience. ( I am a certified trainer of various business workshops known all over the World)