Who am I

Those who are unable to do things will dare to teach them. That is what doubters say!  

But the exception proves the rule!

For several decades I worked as a successful sales and marketing representative for West European companies. In the early 80s I joined  an American multinational company  where I spent about 10 years in sales and marketing management.

At the beginning of the 90s I was looking for a new challenge at the same company  and switched to training and development.

You must also have a matching personality, many years of experience and of course be ready to improve your methods on the basis of the feedback  you receive day by day, year by year.

This is how  I became the regional T&D manager of the company responsible for  Europe, North  Africa and the Middle East. In this position I gained  considerable experience in the whole T&D process, namely in: needs assessment, new trading program and process development, and of course running hundreds of workshops world-wide. 

Management consulting, facilitating and mentoring were also part of my responsibilities.

Well, having had all this experience  I can probably afford to say  that I am not “ONLY” teaching it