Consultant – Adviser

“None of us is as smart as all of us!”

When I was a child my father used to tell me:

“You needn’t always know everything, but you must always know whom to ask for the answer!”

This piece of advice of his  has helped me out both in my business and in my private life a number of times for several decades.

The role of the consultant — unlike that of  the coach — is to support individuals or teams in various given tasks, problem solving, challenging situations; ( in other words: a consultant is usually called to assist with a specific project.

They are kind of “outside observers” who can see things that the “ones inside” won’t, being too much under the pressure of the problem to be solved.

Some areas in which you might consider calling for an outside consultant:

  1. Business/Marketing Planning
  2. Recruiting new employees
  3. Launching new products
  4. Key Account Management
  5. Competitive pressure /market loss
  6. Establishing new enterprise
  7. Creative Problem Solving
  8. HR and Team Dynamic issues

And anything else originating from my knowledge and experience of several decades in business and leadership.

If I am not an expert in a certain subject, I am not shy to say “I don’t know”!