What do I believe

The expense is not what it costs to train employees. It is what it costs NOT to train them.

Consultant trainers are not people knowing all the “answer”.  Their role is to be a catalyst, who asks the right questions in order to help the clients to develop solutions and their potential within the organization.

A dynamic, good training run by a charismatic trainer will surely improve skills and competencies, and is motivational for better performance. The best way to measure the efficiency of a trainer is to see if he/she is invited back to the same company time and time again.

I feel lucky to have done hundreds of workshops in more than 30 countries all over five continents.

I have taught a lot, but I have learnt even more!  Choose a job that you like and you will never have to work a day in your life!

As I mention under my  „how do I work” comments, I am not working with „ready made” , good for anyone programs.
I develop workshops where the themes and modules can also be „mixed” according to the specific needs of the group the training is requested for. E.g. one can potentially think of a training where the content is a kind of a „cooktail”, mixed of a bit selling, and marketing skills,  or marketing + territory management skills etc…

Workshops I offer are usually of two days with the exception of Markketing Planning and/or if the customer is requesting a longer program.

Should the workshop be outside Hungary it is highly suggested – more cost efficient – to plan having two workshops a week, either for two different groups, or the same subject in back-to back teaching. form.

(group size up to 16 participants, except Presentation Skills, that is for 8- to max. 10 people)

The below mentioned  training subjects – or mixtures – are also available for small groups (2-3) or individuals in the form of COACHING!