Dear Visitor,

My first business home-page was developed 7 years ago when I launched my own free-lance business onto the international and the Hungarian market.

By then I had already spent more than 20 years at a large, American multinational company gathering tremendous amount of experience and success both in sales, marketing, leadership and of course in training and development.

All the experience and complimentary feedback I have received, and the success I have gained during the last 7 years tell me, that “ I am riding the right horse”. But the route I take is “serpenting”

This is why it is essential to have my offer – home page – adjusted to the changes and needs my present and future customers are calling for.

These recent years have made the market players — should they be small or large — face huge challenges in many ways. Furthermore, the worst ever economic recession, hitting all of us on the market, has significantly increased our problems and challenges.

Due to these issues we are forced to come out with MORE, BETTER and DIFFERENT “life saving” strategies, ideas and methods.

During times of recession the most obvious budget saving decision is to reduce head-counts, and at the same time to cut or ban the training budget. However, smart companies do well understand that good performance with fewer people can only be achieved if they are even more skilled, competent and motivated.

They need to master new skills in order to be able to cope with the changed needs of the market and the demanding customers efficiently.   (knowledge + motivation=performance)

With this in mind I have renewed my home-page with an up-to-date training, coaching and consulting offer.

There is a Facebook page linked to my new home-page, which gives us the opportunity to get acquainted and share new information and knowledge with each other.

Just hit the “like” button and we are already in contact. 

Until then, see you and warm regards,

Zsuzsa Bálint
Master Trainer — Coach

„In every art it is good to turn to the Master!”