Leadership training – skills, methods, practices

Have you ever seen a situation, when the best performing employee, worker, sales representative, etc… is appointed the boss of either his/her own team or another group. 

Once they have performed well in their former position, why would they not do the same as the manager of their team?  Brrrrrrrr…

Unfortunately most of the “worst bosses” are created this way, and if they are not trained to become a LEADER, they will stay a BOSS for ever.  Instead of teaching, leading, giving feedback, coaching, etc. they will keep on controlling, ordering and telling.

The main objective of a good leader is to make his/her people become self-sufficient performers the soonest possible.

Leadership is a learnable skill!  However, it requires versatile skills, knowledge and experience. Yes, it takes time, but most of all a strong WILL to become a good leader!

I offer leadership workshops with various themes depending on the composition of the audience.  Either the freshly appointed managers or even the more experienced ones need to improve their leadership skills. The same is true of course for the future leaders.

Listing all the potential themes that could be taught in a leadership workshop would take too long, so let only the core subjects be mentioned here, such as:

These are core skills for all leaders.

The better your needs are formulated, the more exactly the workshop will be tailored to your expectations.

These workshops are very interactive  and the various exercises are worked out based on the participants’ own challenging cases.