Presentation Skills and Techniques

According to known studies one of the biggest fears of most people is to speak in front of an audience.  Have you ever experienced something like this before?

Would you like to give efficient presentations with confidence and staying calm?

Should these presentations be given in front of a large or a small audience or in meetings of any kind, it is very important for the presenter to have the essential VERBAL-VOCAL and VISUAL skills for an impressive speech.

You can master these skills by learning and exercising them a lot, and then you will become better and better each time.

This workshop of two days provides you with the core elements of a confident speech.

You learn how to use the available visual techniques (LCD, DVD, Flipcharts, etc.) appropriately.

A “painful” part of a presentation can be the Q&A session, which you can handle properly only if you are well prepared for the “attack”. This is also a technique to be learned.

A self-assured appearance brings “half of the success”, but it will not work without a well-structured, carefully developed and meaningful speech that conveys “benefit” to the audience.

This workshop provides you with all these skills and even more!

You are going to run at least three presentations during the training, all recorded.

Thus you will not “only” see yourself presenting but will get deep and detailed feedback as well.