Key Account Management (Complex Large Customers)

In most of the markets the last decades have brought a real realignment in terms of the centralization of companies with similar portfolio.  This has created the so-called mammoth companies, with global and multinational buying and influencing power.

These Key Accounts can, on one hand, be a challenging „pain” for a supplier, but on the other a huge opportunity as well.

No doubt that one can manage these companies only with smart and mature business strategy as well as with aligned team effort.  Related business skills, like selling, team dynamics etc. are important factors, too.

Huge challenge!  But the good news is that this challenge is possible to beat!

During the workshop you will work and learn through your own Key Accounts, examining at them with conscious methods.

You will learn the „managing-planning” process also by developing a so- called  Key –business – Account Plan for the selected customer.

“Where there is a will, there is a way!”