Business Planning / Marketing Planning

Should I raise the question „What is MARKETING?” at a company anywhere in the World, most probably out of 10 answers 10 would be totally or partially false.

Strangely, people associate the concept of Marketing with like ads, promotion, market research, promotional materials and campaigns, etc., and usually these are the answers we get to the question above.

To set the definition right we must understand that marketing means far more than these, namely we should say:  MARKETING IS EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING IS MARKETING!  Point!

This is true, either we talk about any of the different kinds of companies or — irrespective of the country — any product, size, or sort of business.

I have run this workshop innumerable times all over the world, and it has proved to be an eye-opener for the participants everywhere.

The workshop provides core marketing knowledge and skills and a practical planning process. (business/marketing planning)
Besides learning about the process (main elements) of marketing planning (theory), in the workshop participants develop their own business/marketing plan (practice) for the upcoming business period. (year, period of time, new product launch, etc.)

The workshop is advised to be taken in cases like: before a new business or priority product is launched, when core products or the business itself is badly hit by competition, or before the profit/budget plan is made for the following year.

By all means it should be taken at all businesses where methodically developed business/marketing plans have not yet been made!