Innovative Business Management

The challenging market situation caused by the recession worldwide makes us face a  vast amount of problems to solve, issues to manage and tough decisions to make.

It is  important to remember that even under such circumstances there are opportunities to look for and solutions to find.

One way — I have seen several — is to warn, or even oblige your employees to be more innovative in their day to day activities, but without giving them the tools that are absolutely necessary in order to do so. Brrrrrrrr!

This workshop provides you with these tools, i.e. with the skills that are needed to become an innovative and creative person and team!

There are various methods available to improve creativity, without which innovative thinking does not work.

At the same time quite a number of ways are available to acquire innovative thinking. There are also useful methods available to improve innovative thinking itself.

The real value of the workshop is, that first — in its introductory stage – we explore the real issues and challenges (together with the potential opportunities) within the company.

All these skills will then be learned and experienced through your own business cases!